3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Search Engines

Ogno 3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Search Engines

Do you want your website to generate a steady stream of high-converting, high-quality leads for your business? Are you interested in exploring a marketing channel that increases in ROI over time? What about the ability to collect invaluable data along the way that’ll help you attract your target audience? Well, if that’s the case, search marketing and search engines are for you. And we’ll gladly share some search marketing secrets that will get you the results you’re looking for.

It’s true, we live in a world where attention is a hot commodity. Search marketing can be your secret weapon for capturing that attention and achieving your wildest lead generation dreams. But before we get deeper into that marketing strategy: first things first…

What Is Search Marketing?

Search Marketing refers to inbound marketing tactics – such as optimizations for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and paid PPC tactics through Search Engine Advertising (SEA) like Google Ads and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Both marketing tactics position your company’s website to be found when a potential customer enters a query for your product or service on a search engine, like Google.

By leveraging search engines (responsible for generating 30% of global web traffic last year!) you’ll be able to connect with people in a meaningful and useful way, and generate more qualified leads. Whether you’re helping them solve their problem, or find the words to describe their pain, they’ll be happy to find you and vice versa.

search engine results pages are key

In this article we’ll explore the top 3 key benefits focusing on search engines, primarily SEO & SEA, can have for your inbound marketing efforts and growing business:

  1. Attracting quality (most likely to convert) traffic for lead generation

    Optimizing your website attracts the traffic you deserve.

  2. Collecting valuable marketing data points for a data driven marketing strategy

    Making the most out of those quality visitors informs an out of this world marketing strategy.

  3. Identifying marketing channels that achieve an ever growing ROI freeing up more budget for other activities

    Always thinking about ROI of your marketing effort frees up more budget for more high performing activities (SPOILER: search engines are the highest ROI channel out there)

We’ll also cap it off with a checklist.

Let’s get started…

1. Attract Quality Traffic to Your Website through SEO and SEA

Nearly 95% of all online journeys begin with a search engine and search results. This makes tactics like making changes to your website and/or landing page to make it more readable to sites like Google, that much more worthwhile.

Optimize your website, and you’ll be equipping search engines with the information needed to bring your target audience to your page in the exact moment they are experiencing the problem that you’re solving. These “micromoments” are opportunities to attract high quality traffic that’s more likely to convert. Why? Because if someone is already interested in what you’re selling, the sale/conversion process will be that much easier.

Further to this, a well optimized website leads to better ad placement through AdWords. This combination expertly places your website at all levels of the first page results. And we all know by now that hardly anyone will spend time looking past Google’s first page.

Google SERP ranking

So, to Recap: Search Engines Bring Quality

The better your website’s SEO is working, the better your advertising will perform. The better these two work together as a package the more and higher-quality traffic you’ll get on your website. The more traffic you get to your website, the more leads. You get the picture!

2. Search Engines Evolve Your Digital Marketing and Marketing Strategy with More Data

One of the best things about the different channels of search engines, i.e. search engine optimization & search advertising like Google Ads, is the data they provide your marketing team.

By examining the analytics you can see clearly how long customers are sticking around, what content they find most interesting and what might be potential blockers to conversions. You can also see what channels they’re coming from and invest in a multichannel marketing approach with the ones that require more attention. These data points will help you further optimize your inbound marketing strategy for optimal performance in search engines and consequently, reach more customers.

The information collected through keyword research (words that you target in your SEO efforts in hopes that people will use them to define the problem that you’re solving) and content engagement metrics are a big and valuable part of search marketing. They help you better identify how your ideal customer “thinks” – or in other words, what keywords & call-to-actions are they most likely to type and engage with and which different channels are they particularly active in.

When It Comes to Content and Search Engines…

Make sure to tailor your content marketing efforts towards creating keyword-rich landing pages that will feel relevant and ultimately resonate with the people who are most likely to convert.

For example, if you’re selling probiotics and you think a keyword like ‘immune support’ connects the best, but it’s not converting… look at which keywords are being used in the search queries in analytics. You may just find that there’s a better, more searched keyword to define your problem, like ‘gut health’. There just may be a great blog post idea hiding in your analytics too!

google search console is great for keywords

Further to this, checking what keywords are trending in the search results for content that is similar to yours might bring you insight on what’s working for the competition – and inspiration for your own search engine optimization.

Both these marketing tactics not only reinforce each other, but also your overarching strategy. Don’t miss out!

3: Search Engines Improve ROI

It’s true! Search marketing and search engine tactics are not only cost-effective, but they also benefit from ROI that increases overtime. This happens as you get buy-in from both the search engine robots and your potential customers who are searching. Few marketing channels can post that they actually generate you money in the long term.

For products that calculate ROI based on the lifetime value of the customer vs value of the first interaction, this is even more worthwhile.

Overtime as Google gets to know your company and what you have to offer your audience the results get better and better:

  • For SEO: your organic ranking in search results grows as your domain authority increases. This is a result of optimizations, link building and a strong history of relevant visitors. There may be a larger investment up front to get your site running properly and in compliance with Google’s ranking factors, but over time it pays off in spades.
  • For advertising: not only does your budget (CPC) benefit from high performing SEO, as you get more conversions from paid ads the algorithms will be able to use your budgets more efficiently. This is because as a result Google better understands what kind of search queries and what kind of users end up not just visiting your website but end up converting.
search engines are a high ROI channel

When you address both SEO and SEM as a part of the same strategy, instead of different marketing functions, the benefits are 10-fold.

So… How Do You Take Advantage of All These Awesome Benefits and Boost Lead Generation?

A well rounded marketing approach to SEO and SEM PPC can make a world of difference for your business. Ask yourself:

  • Are my Google Analytics and google search console set up properly and tracking the best goal setup?
  • Is my website back end functioning well without technical errors hindering search engine performance?
  • Does my content target the right keywords with the right intent? Is my content marketing effectively bringing in clients in different stages of the buyers funnel?
  • Are my marketing budgets reflecting the combined benefits of SEO and SEM and improving their ROI?

These are critical to your digital marketing performance and can be tricky to identify. Not sure where to start? A digital marketing agency can help.

We’d be happy to run an analysis on your site’s set up and search engine performance to provide you with key information on how to see more return from digital marketing efforts and consequently grow your business. Interested? Set up a free-no-strings-attached call with our specialists.

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