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Weekly Roundup #4

With another week of social distancing behind us, marketers and google alike continue to adapt to the resulting changes in behaviour. It’s not all bad though, we’re seeing lots of creativity and agility in the marketing space and this is certainly not the end of it.  Read on for this week’s hot tips and fun […]

Weekly Round Up #3

Hello ladies & gents – welcome to OGNO’s third weekly digital marketing roundup! In today’s roundup we’ll be sharing some of our favorite articles on the topics of digital marketing, search engines, business, startups, scaleups and innovation with you 😉   Since last week was a holiday, this week’s roundup is going to be extra juicy […]

5 SEO myths debunked

Wondering how to tell if what you’re reading falls under SEO myths, or advice to follow? There’s tons of advice and information on SEO out there. Some of it is helpful, but some of it might actually end up hurting your overall performance and ranking on search engines. The challenge is being able to tell […]

Let’s talk about structured data (aka schema markup)

Structured data? What’s that? Structured data, aka schema markup, plays an important role in helping search engines to provide adequate answers to users’ queries. We have to take a step back in order to answer the question „what is structured data“? Think about it… where do you normally turn to find answers to your questions? […]

SEO is important for insurance companies
Should insurance companies invest in SEO?

To explain why SEO is so important to the success of insurance companies, I’d like to start by telling you my story… When I first came to Berlin, everyone around told me to get liability insurance. I was new in the city and didn’t have any contacts in the insurance field, so how was I […]

Weekly Round Up #2

Welcome to edition numero dos of OGNO’s weekly digital marketing roundup! We’re here to keep you up-to-date on the world of digital marketing by by providing a roundup on some of the news on our favourite topics: digital marketing, search engines, business, startups, scaleups and innovation. We hope you and your loved ones are staying […]

COVID-19 is the time to build brand trust

Times of social distancing can be hard – not only for businesses, but for people like you and me. It might seem as if most days have started to look the same by now and (quite understandably) we all miss human contact. These are unprecedented times it is not business as usual. So – what […]

Weekly Round Up #1

Welcome to the first edition of OGNO’s weekly round up! We’ll use this to share all the news we find throughout the week that relates to our favourite things: digital marketing, search engines, business, startups, scaleups and innovation. We hope that you’re reading this round up in good health and from the comfort of your […]