Weekly Roundup #51

Hey there and thanks for tuning in to another digital marketing roundup! You know the drill – you sit back and relax while we share last week’s best digital marketing articles & news. 

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Why should you implement socially responsible marketing

When done in the right way, getting behind a worthy cause can bring your brand closer to customers. Click here to learn why socially responsible marketing is so important, and how to get it right.

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Retention marketing matters for your business

A successful business needs both new buyers and repeat customers. Keeping hold of your existing customers can be the difference between sustainable growth and sporadic sales. Don’t miss out on this article to learn 5 strategies you can implement to turn one-off buyers into loyal customers.

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How marketers can overcome data privacy challenges as Google and Apple increase consumer protection

The topic of data privacy gained popularity, (which is a good thing!) but sets a unique set of challenges for marketers. Data collection is closely tied to the creation of a consumer experience that feels relevant and personalized. So how to continue crafting exceptional online experiences without hyper personalized advertisements and targeted promotions? Let’s find out!

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Top 14 benefits of social media for your business

Check out this article to learn 14 ways in which your business can benefit from social media as well as tips on how to maximize your presence on social platforms! 

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