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Now, more than ever, your website offers a first impression of your business

In an increasingly digital world a website has become a basic requirement for any business. That means that web design and web development are of increasing importance. It's not enough to have a website (everyone has one) your website must be well designed, respect UX principles, be SEO compliant and that much better than your competitors'.

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Web Development and Design

Your website is the most important marketing asset in your toolbox. It's the first opportunity you have to tell your potential customers about what you stand for and what you have to offer as a company.

Whether you have a website, are looking for a refresh or want to create a brand new one, we can help you reach the next level. That's the power of a good webdesign agency, who you enlist is critical to your success. As your partner in presenting your business - the product of your blood, sweat and tears - to the world, Ogno possesses a strong understanding of the entire digital landscape.

Web Design

Good design, in the world of web design, means a lot more than good design used to mean. It’s not only about a pretty facade, it’s about how your visitors interact with your site. How you can welcome them into your home makes a difference to how long they stay and how they’ll remember you after leaving. First impressions are everything. 

Development & Ecommerce

Our web development team will set you up for success with a clean backend, easy to use CMS and responsive partner. If you are selling a product, and don’t yet have a shop, we can implement an ecommerce platform and ensure a smooth transition from brick and mortar, or idea, to online shop. Our web development team will be with you every step of the way for an easy launch and support a healthy website into the future.

User Experience (UX)

With Google’s move to put more emphasis on User Experience (more on that here) it is evident that this is not to be taken lightly. If you already have a website, our Ogno team can analyze your core vitals, as Google sees them, and make necessary adjustments to ensure you are set up for success.

Digital Branding

Maybe you have a brand in place, maybe you don’t. Either way, we can help adjust your current look and feel or create assets that work well online. The branding element of our designs are always in line with accessibility standards and best practises of the industry.

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Web design services to help you connect with those who find you. Make sure you're captivating everyone who arrives at your website. You only get one chance to make a good first impression. We're here to help our partners communicate their message in a way that compliments everything they've worked so hard to build.
With Ogno, you can rest easy knowing you’ve taken all the right steps to ranking higher on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

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Search Engine Optimisation's about being found easily online, using that online visibility to drive real, measurable growth in your company’s business. SEO isn't a one and done project, it requires updating content to match what the search engines want to send searchers to. Searchers who will hopefully become customers moving your sales funnel.

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Your website is your most valuable asset
We work closely with our partners to make sure that not only do their websites perform exquisitely, they also work hard to achieve the objectives at hand.
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