Weekly Roundup #13

Ogno Weekly Roundup 13

Another week has come to an end. With it, more great content on how to succeed with search engines & digital marketing. Sit back and enjoy some of the most interesting links we could find over the course of the week in our Weekly Roundup #13.

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Retargeting Marketing 101

Did you know only 4% of visitors that come to your website are ready to purchase? Retargeting marketing is the way to keep your brand in front of the remaining 96%. Persuade them to reconsider your offer. In our latest article we’ll tell you everything about it.

What 20 Years of Google Algorithm Updates Say about What SEOs Should Focus On Next

During the SMX conference, Barry Schwartz covers the historical record of Google algorithm updates. He analyses patterns regarding the direction the search engine seems to be taking with each improvement. Wondering how to prepare for the next big Google update? Check out this article and enjoy!

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Google Finds SEOs Are Getting More Work During COVID-19

Webmaster Trends Analyst Gary Illyes polled SEOs about changes to their work life during COVID-19. He comments about the results during the latest episode of Google’s Search Off the Record. The insights signal that SEO workload has increased during the pandemic.

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Content Creation Guide: How to Effectively Think of SEO at Every Stage

Your content marketing and SEO should always be aligned. After all, they need each other in order to succeed. Check out this five-step guide on how to make sure your content creation process is SEO-friendly.

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