Facebook and Instagram Ads Explained

Ogno Facebook & Instagram Ads Explained

What Is Social Media Advertising? Facebook and Instagram Ads Explained

Both Facebook and Instagram are popular social networks, counting on 2.85 billion and 500 million daily users respectively. However, while on the one hand this represents an incredibly high reach for businesses, on the other hand it also means that there is more “clutter” to get through before you can push out any message successfully. In this Facebook & Instagram Ads Explained article we will address how to determine the correct strategy for your brand.

Breaking through this “clutter” organically in a way that leads to real impact often feels nearly impossible. That is where social media advertising (or social media targeting) comes into play. Like the name suggests, social media advertising (or social media targeting) entails placing ads on social media platforms. When done correctly, this can work as a hyper-direct way to reach your target audiences out of a much larger sample.

How to Find the Right Strategy for Your Brand?

When choosing where to place your ads, make sure to know which networks are most popular with your target audience. Try asking yourself “where is my target group most engaged, most concentrated and most accessible?” The place where your content seems to naturally resonate with followers should be the intuitive choice for your first social ad campaigns.

Custom audience and lookalike audience

When creating an advertising plan for Instagram or Facebook, consider the numerous targeting options the platforms offer. Options such as “look-a-like audiences” (public based on a list of your existing followers, app data or pixel) can help you find prospects who are similar to your existing clients. Further to this, retargeting (also often referred to as remarketing) allows you to craft an audience for your ads that consists only of users who have already been in contact with your brand (perhaps even visited your website). Since these people have already been introduced to your business, you’ll be able to target them with more specific ads that cater specifically to their preferences.

Lastly, make sure to take the time to learn about all the different segmenting options available for your ads. You’ll have the option to choose who sees your ads based on demographics, interests, and behavior. By combining what you already know about your existing customers and taking advantage of the targeting options these social networks offer, you can launch very specific ads to a group of users who are most likely to engage with them. Having an expert on board might help propel your social ads campaign even further!

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