Google Ads Explained

Ogno Google Ads Explained

Why You Should Use Google Ads

If you’re looking to connect with your target audience while they’re searching for a solution just like yours, Google Ads is one of the best places to do so. Since most people use a search engine to conduct research or find the best deal out there, businesses must advertise on the platform to stand out amongst the over 5 billion daily searches.

Google Ads represent position 0 of Google’s search engine results pages; you can find them at the very top. They allow you to create campaigns for your business no matter which stage your business is at, from starting out to scaling up. You can do this by finding keywords that your target users search for when looking for a product or service like yours and use them in the bidding system. In turn, your website will appear nearly naturally in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Most people start out their customer journey by entering a term into Google’s Search Query.

Let’s consider some stats:

  • For users who are ready to buy, paid ads on Google get 65% of the clicks
  • On average, advertisers make $8 per $1 spent on Google Ads

Hundreds of thousands of companies use Google Ads to promote their businesses, which means that even if you’re ranking organically for a search term, your results are being pushed down the page, beneath your competitors. If a business intends to use PPC (Pay-Per-Click) as a part of their strategy, Google Ads’ immense reach makes it one of the most attractive PPC advertising options available.

How to Use Google Ads for Your Business

Screenshot from Google Ads Keyword Planner

The first step would be to conduct research on which keywords you would like to target and rank for. You can do this by using the free Google Ads Keyword Planner and look for relevant keywords for your niche.

Following this, you will need to create a landing page for the product or service that you’re advertising. This would be the detailed page you drive your ads’ traffic to. Since searchers are intending to find out about a specific offering, directing them to a general webpage is far from ideal. The reason for this is that websites tend to be a broad summary of what your business has to offer, versus a specific service that the user has typed into Google.

This landing page needs to address the pain point that the prospective customer has entered into the search bar. The quality of the landing page determines if the prospect takes a desirable action (conversion), such as a purchase or sign up. However, the ad copy also needs to be relevant for the user, in order to keep them engaged.

Firstly, it’s critical to know that Google Ads are highly effective in achieving rapid results. Once you have gathered insights on your audience and what their preferences are, it’s time to set specific goals for each of your Google Ads campaigns. After having set up your campaigns, make sure to have different variables in different ads in order to test for their respective effectiveness. Ideally, you would also vary in keywords, thus helping you to determine which keywords are profitable and convert and which ones can be removed.

Once your ads are up and running and you start seeing some conversions, you’ll need to tweak the ad copy further.

Screenshot of Ogno ad copy

Try to see and find out where you can make improvements in order to optimize your ROI (return on investment). Consider this: more opportunities to adjust different combinations of ad copy together could increase your chance in landing a winning ad.

Want to know a secret? Some very popular words with a high click through rate include: “Free”, “save”, “today” with one of the highest performing CTA’s being “Get”. On the contrary, using words such as “Click” are not only not profitable, they could also get disapproved by Google.

The Round Up

Using Google Ads in your marketing strategy is a must in today’s world if you offer a product or service that people are actively searching for. However, its effectiveness varies greatly and depends on how much experience and knowledge you have in the matter. The digital growth experts at Ogno can help your business bridge those knowledge gaps in order to outrank your competition and drive more conversions.

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