INFOGRAPHIC: Search Intent and The Marketing Funnel

Ogno Search Intent and The Marketing Funnel
Ogno Infographic: Search Intent and The Marketing Funnel

Search intent, also known as user intent, is more important to your marketing funnel than you may think.

It positions your content marketing to better nurture leads towards taking action. This is because when you understand search or user intent you gain a better grasp of what your audience is looking for and why, or, what their intent is at the time they’re connecting with you and your brand. Or in other words, where they are in the marketing funnel and how to address them accordingly.

Informational Search Intent

Most of your visitors will likely arrive at your website through informational searches related to your product or service. This type of query can be classified as top of the funnel, or awareness, and presents low chances of conversion. In this stage users are not yet fully aware of what their problem is. But that doesn’t mean this stage isn’t important. The informational phase of search intent is critical to providing informative content to help your target audience define their problem, with a little hand holding from your company.

In order to get those visitors past the awareness stage and closer to taking action, try targeting low competition keywords and make sure to provide step-by-step guides and FAQ texts to better help them get to where they want to go.

Navigational Search Intent

Next, in the funnel is the middle, or consideration, search intent becomes navigational here. Now, the user is aware of their problem, their questions will move towards uncovering who will be best at solving it.

Visitors at this stage of the funnel are more likely to convert than in the previous stage, but need proof that your business is the right choice. In this section it might be worthwhile to target keywords such as “top” “best” and “compare” as a way to help build a trustworthy image around your business.

Transactional Search Intent

Finally, users who perform transactional searches are usually right at the bottom of the marketing funnel. The conversion stage! After going through the previous stages, they are ready to make a purchase decision.

In order to further *nudge* them in the right direction, case studies and other types of endorsements which further support your business as the best answer to their search are recommended.

Following these tips and rethinking how to use SEO to support your business at each phase along the funnel can do wonders for your customers’ journey! Want to know more? Check out our article on user intent and download the infographic to reference whenever you need a little guidance.

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