What Are My Main Benefits from Hiring a Marketing Agency?

Ogno Main Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Agency

There is no doubt that marketing is an essential part of each and every business but should you deal with it within the company or is it better to hire a marketing agency?
The short answer is – it depends on your case. So, let’s instead list and explain the main benefits from hiring an agency to then be able to make an informed decision.


It is important to mention that marketing is not just about advertising. It is everything to do with how a company or a business presents itself to the market.

So, it is hard to underestimate its importance.

The quality of marketing will not only determine the amount of leads and the conversion rates but also what people feel towards the company.

This thought leads to an obvious conclusion, you want to make as few mistakes as possible.

You need to have everything on point from the get go.

To do that you need…


This is exactly what marketing agencies offer.

You might argue that there are plenty of highly qualified talents that are just as capable of doing the work.

It is impossible to be an expert in each field of marketing. But even if you do manage to do so, there is no way one person will be able to handle the workload in time and have the best output possible.

“So, I would just need a team!” – you might say.

Exactly! You need a team of experts with a proven track record.

You could build your own and that has its own benefits but it takes time.

Saves You Time

You would need to find the right talent, hold interviews, hire them, make sure that the team functions efficiently, manage the team and make sure that they are incentivised to deliver the best results possible.

All of that takes a lot of time and doesn’t always go smoothly leading to a long learning curve, which in its turn leads to worse results, higher costs, worse customer experience, not to mention the cost of missed opportunity.

This nicely leads us to the next point.

Saves You Money

As mentioned above, avoiding or delaying the process of building your own team will save you a lot of time and, as we all know, time is money.

Let’s take a look at some numbers.

When hiring one mid-career marketing manager, you’d be looking at a cost of €46K per year (before benefits).

However, as previously mentioned, marketing is not a one-man show.

It requires a team. The smaller the team and less experienced, the more time (and money) it will take to get the results you are aiming for.

On the other hand, working with a team of experts working as an extension of your own in-house team allows you to reach your targets a lot cheaper.

For example, SEO services would range from €4,788K – €29,988K per year depending on your business’ needs.

We can’t speak for other agencies but we are a well-oiled machine focused on delivering the best results for our clients.

This combined with 10+ years of experience and managing over €10M+ in marketing budgets makes our clients forget about team management and opportunity cost.


One can not afford to forget about incentivising as it makes all the difference between mediocrity and excellence.

Incentivising an in-house team is a job on its own.

We as a marketing agency value each of our clients and it is our mission to not just provide marketing services but to help our clients reach the next level.

Not to mention, all sorts of performance based payment plans that make sure we function at our peak performance. Most of which you just can’t impose on employees.


There are obviously cases where building an in-house team is a better decision than hiring an agency and we are clearly biased but that does not reduce all the benefits listed above.

Now, as we mentioned before, we are all about helping companies reach the next level that is why we offer free consultations. On those calls we try to provide as much value as possible and, believe me, we do our homework prior to the meeting.

So, feel free to book in a free 30-minute consultation call to see how your company can reach the next level with or without our help.

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