Weekly Roundup #32

Ogno Weekly Roundup 32

Hey there and welcome to our digital marketing weekly roundup #32. Here we fill you in on all the most important happenings and interesting articles of the past week.

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Unique Selling Point: Your Winning Differentiator Is More Important than You Thought

Having a unique selling proposition can potentially set you apart from your competition. It gives people a reason to do business with you, a taste of what your business is all about. With that in mind, make sure not to skip our latest post. We’ll tell you everything you need to know  to create a winning USP and how to use social proof to make it even more compelling – so don’t forget to check it out 😉

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Does Google Give Preference to Content Above the Fold?

During an SEO Office-hours hangout Google’s webmaster John Mueller was asked if Google gave a preference to content located in the spot known as above the fold. Make sure to check out this article featuring the explanation straight from the horse’s mouth 😉 of how much content you should be including in the top of the page area of your site.

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How to Calibrate Your Brand Voice to Your SEO Advantage

It’s a competitive world we’re living in, and standing out from the herd is no easy task for businesses. One essential step is to develop a unique brand voice for your company – one that will not only appeal to customers but will also get noticed via SEO. In this article you’ll find helpful insights on how to achieve an engaging brand voice that both humans and search engines will love!

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The Real-World Impact of Keyword Stuffing in Google My Business

Keyword stuffing has been a hot topic in Google My Business for a while. What this means is when people add words to their business names on GMB that aren’t part of that business’ actual legal name. “But what are the actual implications of this?” you might ask. Find all the answers (and more) in this article!

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