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A Letter from Our CEO

Fellow Startups and SMEs, Our team, like most around the globe, has moved to work remotely. Though we miss seeing each other daily, we recognize that in times like these we are lucky to have work to keep us busy. Since we are able, we would like to offer support to those who have been […]

Ogno Keywords Are Still Important for SEO
Are Keywords Still Important for SEO?

Yes, keywords are still extremely important for SEO and search engine rankings. That’s right, SEO keywords are still important to your Google ranking and performance on all search engines. That’s because search engines, like Google, are getting ‘smarter’ and in doing so, they’re updating their behaviour to mirror us humans. Therefore, search engines require better […]

Ogno Understanding Google SEO
Google SEO: Tips to Get Startups Started

In case you weren’t able to make OGNO SEO Expert Darwin Wiranda’s workshop last week at Startup Incubator Berlin, don’t worry – we’ve got you. Keep on scrolling to find introductory slides with SEO tips for startups! From SEO basics, a quick Google’s algorithm overview, ranking factors, introduction into black hat SEO practices, to SEO […]

Ogno Website Design Impacts SEO
Does Web Design Impact SEO?

Maybe what you’re really asking: does my web design impact SEO or in other words, my Google ranking? Well, if you’re reading this, you likely already have an idea of what the answer might be … it’s yes, definitely. As we’re well aware by now the elements that have an impact on your online visibility are […]

how to future-proof your content strategy
How to Future-Proof Your Content Strategy for SEM

What does Google’s recent update mean for your SEM (search engine marketing)? This article will cover how your SEM should be accounted for BERT. That is, Google’s recent update to improve natural language processing. Practices associated with SEM have been at the forefront of digital marketing for some time. As we enter a new decade, […]

Ogno SEO Index
To Index, or Not to Index…

Whether or not to ‘index’ your content is an important question, but first things first. What’s an index…? An index is another name for the database of web pages used by a search engine. Imagine it like the table of contents in a book with each of your web pages being a chapter. If it […]