Weekly Roundup #16

Ogno Weekly Roundup 16

Welcome to OGNO’s digital marketing weekly roundup #16! As another week has come and gone, we’re pleased to share a couple highlights with you. Take a read of some of the best links on digital marketing, innovation & SEO from the last week.

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5 SEO Myths Debunked

There’s tons of advice on SEO out there… But how can you tell the truly helpful ones from misconceptions and myths? Check out our article for the 5 most common SEO myths, and (finally) put those misguided tips to rest once and for all.

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Guide to Core Web Vitals for SEOs and Developers

We always knew UX was important for SEO. But since Google’s announcement regarding making Core Web Vitals into official ranking factors, marketers are (or should be) giving this topic a lot more thought. Click on this guide to learn all the necessary information you’ll need  to stay ahead of this trend.

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Google Lets Retailers Sell Products in Search Results for Free

Google is making it free for retailers to sell products via “Buy on Google”. Wanna find out more about it? Click on this link for the complete article!

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14 Ways to Improve Customer Loyalty During COVID-19

Since the coronavirus pandemic started, companies are relying almost exclusively on their online presence. Improving customer loyalty in this setting is a must. Make sure you check out these 14 steps on improving customer experience with your brand!

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How and Where to Fight for Your Marketing Budget

A lot of businesses are currently facing a necessity to make (sometimes severe) cuts in their marketing spending. In Marketing Land’s great article you’ll find insights on how to reduce ad spending strategically. Keep your business on track for a quick recovery once things get better (they will).

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