Weekly Roundup #36

Ogno Weekly Roundup 36

With yet another week coming to an end, we’re happy to have you tune in to our digital marketing weekly roundup #36! Here you’ll find all of the week’s best digital marketing stories, guides, articles, news & much more.

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How to Determine Your Ideal Marketing Channels

There are more ways to reach buyers than ever before – so best to choose which channels to invest in very wisely. In our latest post we covered all the steps you can take to select what the right marketing channels might be for your business. Make sure to check it out!

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Using SEO Data Analytics to Identify Business Gaps

SEO s have a great vantage point when it comes to identifying business opportunities and gaps: data. Make sure to give this article a read, where the best selling author Kris Jones talks about key aspects that can be fixed in order to create a successful SEO strategy in 2021.

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A Small Business Guide to TikTok [Infographic]

Have you ever considered TikTok as a profitable channel for your business? Even if you think it’s not a perfect fit, the thought has probably already crossed your mind right? If so, have a look at this overview of all the key elements you’ll need to consider in building a brand presence on the platform.

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Common Marketing Tricks That Can Actually Ruin Your SEO

We’ve all seen it happen: the marketing team, testing different website flow in the name of UX (and causing rankings to drop). Or writing an amazing piece of copy, only to have their wings clipped by the SEOs. But here’s the good news: CRO doesn’t have to conflict with SEO. Don’t miss out on this great article and learn how they can actually complement each other!

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