Weekly Roundup #34

Ogno Weekly Roundup 34

Hi! We’re so happy to have you with us for this week’s digital marketing weekly roundup #34 🙂 Here we share the past week’s coolest articles, guides, news and happenings.

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Tips and Tricks to Succeed at Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Getting conversions is the most important end goal behind any marketing campaign. And while for most people the word “conversion” makes them immediately think of “oh yeah, sales!”, that’s not always the case. Conversions qualify as any desired action being accomplished, and having a clear understanding of how to optimize your CRO can make a huge impact on your end results. Luckily, we just posted an article to help you do just that! So make sure to check it out.

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Communication Channels: Their Importance and The Impact of Covid-19

Most of us have experienced a change in business communication over the past year due to the covid-19 pandemic. Some of these shifts are most likely to stay, so make sure to check out this article to learn all about Expert Market’s recent survey results on this topic.

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Facebook Targeting Individuals Who Spread False Information

Facebook is now increasing the levels of punitive actions towards members who are sharing misleading content on the platform. Actions such as having content rated by fact-checkers as well taking stronger measures against those who repeatedly share misinformation are aimed at reducing the amount of toxic content shared. Make sure to check out this article to learn more about it!

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Spamming vs. Cadence – Why Email Marketers Should Know the Difference

A carefully crafted and highly engaging email can enable savvy professionals to strike up an initial conversation with a customer or prospect. However, it is *super* important to be intentional about the content that’s being sent out (otherwise everyone’s time ends up being wasted). Make sure to check out this article to learn tricks to crafting emails that’ll make your audience feel listened to and understood by your brand.

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