Weekly Roundup #1

Ogno Weekly Roundup 1

Welcome to the first edition of OGNO’s weekly roundup! We’ll use this to share all the news we find throughout the week that relates to our favourite things: digital marketing, search engines, business, startups, scaleups and innovation.

We hope that you’re reading this roundup in good health and from the comfort of your social distancing setup.

Sending good vibes your way as we head into the weekend.

– Team OGNO

Tips for Getting Your Business Ready to Capture Demand When Things Get Better

How are you reallocating your resources to set your business up for future success? This article provides guidance for setting your business up for success during (and after) the COVID-19 crisis. Now is the time to think strategically. Read on for some practical tips and thoughts on how to analyze the current setting and make lemonade out of all these lemons!

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Overcome This Common Marketing Mistake that Makes You Want to Quit

A good marketing strategy has many factors that exist both on and offline. Every one of these factors – from keyword research, SEO and PPC Advertising, to bus stops and billboards – begin with one very important element… the customer! This article provides tips to get your planning started on the right marketing foot to avoid running into barriers down the line.

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How to Run a Successful Virtual Event [+ Examples]

Social distancing has its obstacles. But now is the time to get clever. What are the marketing tactics and how can we connect with audiences who may seem further away than ever? Virtual events are a great option to consider! HubSpot has put together a list of advice for those seeking to run a virtual event and some examples.

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COVID-Consumers: Pessimistic, but Spending More Online

Studies are showing that despite a large majority of consumers expecting a recession next year, spending online is up 30% more online. A statistic not to be ignored when thinking about your customers in these uncertain times. Make sure to continue to build your brand awareness and grow your online visibility to connect with them before the competition.

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Working from Home? 4 Tips for Staying Productive

Working from home can get tough – most of us face challenges in staying productive. Check out this article shared by Google for a couple of useful tricks that might help you get the most out of the home office experience!

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