Weekly Roundup #23

Ogno Weekly Roundup 23

Hi! Thanks for tuning into our digital marketing weekly roundup #23! We’ll sum up some of our favorite links and insights of the past week so that you can stay in touch with all things digital.

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B2B Lead Generation Strategies That Will Make Your Business SOAR

In B2B marketing, lead generation is all about strategies that help convert a target audience into a customer through a sale. A B2B marketer will identify and initiate an interest of a target audience. Our most recent article addresses actionable tips B2Bs can take advantage of in order to maximize their lead generation efforts.

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Brave Browser to Launch Its Own Search Engine

The makers of the Brave browser are now in the midst of developing their very own user-centric search engine, called simply “Brave Search”. What sets it apart from other search engines? It has an independent indexing system, which does not collect people’s IP addresses.

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A Social Platform for Ambitious People: Meet ChekMarc

While Twitter and LinkedIn dominate the casual and professional social spheres respectively, ChekMarc intends to cater to the ambitious and career-progressing folk. Users are divided into two roles they can take on: Explorers, catalysts or both. Sounds like a very promising platform to us!

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2021 – The Year of New Social Media Marketing Rules?

We’ve heard it a gazillion times: “2020 was a year for the ages” And it’s very true. Means of communication have shifted to the digital realm and 2021 looks to build upon it. This survey has found the most relevant changes social media marketers need to take into consideration in order to go with the flow set by social media users.

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