Weekly Roundup #10

Ogno Weekly Roundup 10

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As you might have noticed, you didn’t hear from us last week. There is a critical conversation taking place on the topic of racism, to which we extend our respect and support.

If you’re looking for ways to participate in the Black Lives Matter movement, educate yourselves on racial topics, or make a donation, check out the resource at the following link: https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/

Now, here are some great links with some of the latest SEO tips & trends. Enjoy!

User Experience (UX): Google’s Latest Ranking Factor

It is no secret that user experience can make or break your site’s engagement. However, as of last week, Google has communicated that this metric will be added to the numerous existing official ranking factors. While this change will not be implemented before 2021, now is the time to start investing in UX optimization. Check out our latest article, where we tell you all about it!

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INFOGRAPHIC: Search Intent and The Marketing Funnel

The best possible content marketing approach is to produce tailored content for prospect clients according to the stage of the marketing funnel they might be in. And what better way to learn more about your visitors than to analyze their intent behind queries? Make sure to download our amazing infographic for a great resource for taking prospect buyers through the marketing funnel towards taking action!

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Your Customers Aren’t Interested in Your COVID Messaging Anymore, What Now?

The COVID burnout is real. Unfortunately the pandemic is not yet fully under control, but people seem to be ready to move on – and this extends to how they engage with content from brands. The million dollar question now is how to move beyond coronavirus communication without pretending the outbreak is truly over? Check out this article for valuable insights on how your business can navigate such a complex audience landscape.

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25 Writing Tools to Help You Create Better SEO Content

Writing content that ranks is about more than just compelling text. In order to get your content SEO-approved, click here for some of the best tools to guide you through the process.

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