Weekly Roundup #12

Ogno Weekly Roundup 12

Welcome to OGNO’s weekly roundup #12! As another week has come to an end and we’re pleased to report that it was a good one for content. Take a read of some of the best links on digital marketing, innovation & SEO from the last week.

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The Curious Case of Nofollow Links

There’s a lot of talk around nofollow links’ value (or lack thereof) for a successful link building strategy and if they’re worth investing time and energy into. Check out our latest article for a better understanding of what the difference between nofollow vs. follow links is, and their value in terms of SEO.

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Content Marketing in Times of Disruption

The pandemic and responses to racial injustices have been greatly impacting the way audiences view and engage with brands. These disruptions can be seen as opportunities for businesses to stand out from the competition through empathetic content marketing. Click on this article for actionable insights on how to successfully adapt your content marketing strategy and better navigate turbulent times.

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Schema Success Stories: Using Structured Data to Boost Traffic

Not sure whether to include structured data in your SEO efforts? In this article you’ll find case studies illustrating improvement in rankings, CTR and traffic due to schema. It might just convince you to move schema implementation higher on your SEO priorities list.

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