Weekly Roundup #14

Ogno Weekly Roundup 14

Another week done and we’re happy to share some of the latest highlights on the digital marketing & SEO world with you in our weekly roundup #14.

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If an SEO Agency Does These Things… Run!

Choosing a team of professionals to handle your company’s SEO is a big decision. Check our last article for insights on how to choose the best possible SEO partner, by staying alert to common false promises.

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Google Creates a New Way to Drive Traffic Via Image Search

Google Images’ latest update allows site owners a new opportunity to attract traffic. After it was launched this week, the feature will help searchers explore topics in more detail. Check SEJ’s article to learn more!

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WFH Digital Marketers and Tech Workers Are More Productive – And Burned Out

The work from home culture among marketers is likely here to stay – even after the pandemic is long gone. This article discusses a rise in productivity in the digital marketing industry since the switch to remote working, the removal of “boundaries” around work (causing higher levels of stress) and other valuable insights.

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Reddit Guide: How To Build an SEO Strategy and Promote Your Business in 5 Steps

Reddit is often seen as a challenging and very promising platform. Therefore, it is many marketers’ secret weapon to increase traffic and online visibility. Click on this guide for a step-by-step on how to promote your brand and drive growth to your site using Reddit.

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