Weekly Roundup #15

Ogno Weekly Roundup 15

It is great to have you back to our digital marketing weekly roundup #15. We have some awesome links for you to click as you get ready for the weekend. So read on to see what happened in our world last week!

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5 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss Out on Google My Business

Google My Business is a powerful marketing tool for any business. And yet 56% of small businesses haven’t claimed their Google listing yet. Are you not sure whether you need a Google My Business profile? Or perhaps not sure what the benefits of it are? Check out our latest article to gain these and other valuable insights.

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Testimonial Link Building: Using Real Experiences for Success

Have you ever heard of testimonial link building? Giving an honest testimonial to a company whose product/service you have hired can be a great way to get links back to your site. Click on this article in order to learn more about the benefits of implementing testimonials and reviews into your link building strategy.

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The Exceptional Role of SEO in Digital Marketing Strategy for Dentists

While any business benefits from a great digital marketing strategy, it is also true that unfortunately there is no silver bullet. Each industry calls for a specific approach. In this article Devenup sheds light on the role of SEO specifically in the industry of dentistry.

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Influencer Marketing: What Is It and How To Build a Solid Strategy

Most of us have already heard of influencer marketing. And no surprise there – it is an effective marketing approach. Want to learn more about it? Make sure to check out SEMrush’s guide on how to develop an error-proof influencer marketing strategy for your brand.

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