Weekly Roundup #18

Ogno Weekly Roundup 18

We’re happy to have you around for another digital marketing weekly roundup! Sit back and relax while we share some of this week’s highlights on the online marketing world.

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How to Write Landing Pages That Convert

Landing pages are dealmakers, and as such they deserve our time and attention. Check out our latest post where we share tips & tricks on how to write better landing pages that will bring your business the increase in conversions it deserves.

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Why SEO Right Now?

As one of the most cost effective ways to build a long-term online presence for a business, Search Engine Optimization has gained momentum during the pandemic. Are you not sure how to adjust your marketing strategy to this delicate time (somewhat) post pandemic? Make sure you check out Search Engine Land’s article for valuable insights!

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10 Examples of Interactive Content Marketing Done Right

Having an engaging and interactive content marketing strategy enhances customer experience with your business. This ranges from quizzes to infographics, as these are examples of ways the reader gets to actively participate as opposed to passive reading. Click on this great blog post from WordStream for some inspiration on how to create more engaging content in the future.

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The Blogger’s Guide To Writing Better Headlines (Without Becoming A Copywriting Pro)

Creating engaging headlines that people actually click on is extremely important nowadays. Getting your headline just right has the potential of increasing traffic to your landing page, while ineffective headlines can cost you clicks. For this reason, here’s a guide on how to write better headlines.

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