Weekly Roundup #19

Ogno Weekly Roundup 19

Welcome back to our weekly roundup #19 where we curate all the best articles about digital marketing from the week.

3 Kinds of Social Media Marketing You Shouldn’t Ignore

Today’s social media landscape extends well beyond posting thoughts  or memes and hoping they take off with your audience. Social media marketing is about much more than likes and shares, and these three kinds (influencer, dark and paid) better be on your radar if you want to stay current and competitive.

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Adjusting Paid Campaigns During a Recession

It’s been half a year since COVID-19 took hold around the world, and it has not yet relented. One thing we’ve learnt for sure over this time is, that above all else, it is important to be nimble and reactive as economic circumstances change.   Even though some industries have been more affected than others, all businesses should re-evaluate their planned budgets for paid search and other paid digital campaigns for the next 12 to 24 months; this article outlines key questions to ask yourself when taking a look at your budgets for paid campaigns.

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5 Most Creative Marketing Ideas

Marketers are always trying to harness their inner creativity. To stand out from the crowd we’re told to “think outside the box”, and “get ahead of the curve”. But what does that really mean in practice, and what kind of ideas are exciting the most creative marketers around? Here are some fun examples to look at to help get those creative juices flowing!

4 Noteworthy Lead Conversion Trends: Research and Charts

 These days there are myriad marketing tactics at our disposal, cool marketing tech that can track performance and automate campaigns, and countless strategies and processes to optimize marketing, sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees. Considerable shifts in the way businesses operate are leading marketers to re-examine the way they approach lead generation. Building meaningful connections with buyers is now a critical part of generating and nurturing leads that convert.

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Canonicalization: SEO Mythbusting [Video]

Canonicalization is duplication management. You might end up having two URLs with the same or similar content. But you actually don’t want both of them to get ranked on google, because duplicate content can hurt your page score (here more about canonicalization). What you need to do there is to use the canonical tag to show google which page it should index. For a brief overview of common myths and misunderstanding of this somewhat complicated topic, watch this video:

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