Weekly Roundup #20

Ogno Weekly Roundup 20

Thank you for tuning in on our digital marketing weekly roundup #20! We’re happy to share some of last week’s most interesting articles with you.

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SEO and PPC, Better Together

It is no longer a question of SEO or PPC… It is SEO and PPC. While both of these marketing approaches work well by themselves, together they’ll get your website the speedy growth it deserves. Still not convinced? Check out our updated article on how to leverage both SEO and PPC in 2020 and the many benefits this duo will bring to your business.

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Creative Diversification — More Hooks and Less Risk for Link Building

Starting a creative campaign is often straightforward and planned with the motto “if it works it works”. And while there is no way to control a campaign’s outcome, you sure can push it in the right direction. Check out this article to learn more about creative diversification, and how to approach your campaigns from as many different angles as possible during the production process.

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Supercharge Your Benefits with Contrast Storytelling

Knowing how to frame the benefits of your product is key for powerful storytelling that converts. Interesting insights you’ll find in this article include the power of presenting a clear contrast between your offered benefits and what a prospect buyer is trying to avoid by coming to you and presenting two polarizing alternatives (rather than 15 or 20) as a way to simplify the decision making process.

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How to Use in-Market Audiences for Better Search Campaigns

In-market audiences allow advertisers to set up their Display campaigns to reach people who are further down the funnel and ready to make a purchase. How? By connecting ads to consumers who are actively researching or comparing products and services.

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10 Steps for Your Company to Embrace Cause Marketing — And Be Believed!

Have you ever heard of cause marketing? This type of marketing means that you as a company and as a brand have an opinion on a moving/controversial topic. Studies show that 67% of people would be open to trying a new brand with an open and aligned opinion on a topic of public interest. Check out this article and learn how to gain credibility when it comes to cause marketing.

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