Weekly Roundup #21

Ogno Weekly Roundup 21

Welcome back to our digital marketing weekly roundup #21! A curation of our favourite articles from this past week in the world of digital marketing.

Google Ads Mistakes to Avoid

Contrary to popular belief, SEO and PPC aren’t at opposite ends of the spectrum. There are plenty of ways the two search disciplines can work together for all around benefits. Especially when it comes to optimizing your Google Ads. Wondering how this works? Use the data cross functionally and avoid the mistakes in this article. Of course there are many ways to improve your Google Ads. One of them is to not use too many keywords. “The more, the merrier” is not applicable if you are talking about how many keywords you should use. Focus on the really important ones who are reaching out to your target audience. You can get more ideas of how to improve your Google Ad strategy in the Link below.

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How to Plan a Facebook Ad Campaign for the Holidays

There are many reasons to start focusing on special occasions with your social ads strategy, one of those are holidays. Here are some ways to improve your strategy for exactly this. When optimizing your Website for Facebook Ads add the Facebook pixel, with this you’ll be able to track your campaigns and retarget your warmest leads. Another idea outlined is to strengthen your campaign by optimizing your mobile shopping experience. This is because 94% of the Facebook users are logged in from their smartphones.

Five Great Display and Video Advertising Tactics to Increase Relevance and Revenue in a Cookie-Less World

As Marketers, we might fear a Cookie-less world for the loss of access to ready available information. But there are more options for us to target the right audience. One of them is contextual- based advertising. Yes, keyword or contextual-based advertising is an old tactic, but nowadays we can use Programmatic buying to bring it back to life. With cookie-based targeting, ads about Martech platforms would keep following you around the web. With contextual targeting through programmatic, you will be able to display your ads only when your audience is in a relevant state of mind across hundreds of sites at the same time.

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How to Hook Your Ideal Prospect with Content that Connects

Creating Content is one thing, but reaching out to the right audience is a whole other story. What your content needs is a meaning. Meaning relates to how well the information addresses the problems and desires of your specific audience. Fascination is the hook that makes the information compelling, engaging, and memorable. When it comes to selling through direct response copywriting, professionals know they need to find the right combination of meaning and fascination to overcome the natural skepticism and resistance to being “sold” to.

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