Weekly Roundup #26

Ogno Weekly Roundup 26

Hi there, and welcome to our digital marketing weekly roundup #26! We’re excited to share some of our favorite links, articles and resources of the past week with you.

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The Power of Data Driven Marketing [Webinar]

Are you looking for ways to create deeper connections with your dream customer? A data-driven approach is the most impactful tactic out there. So, if you haven’t yet, make sure to sign up for our webinar on April 21st! You’ll have the opportunity to learn directly from industry experts about the benefits of using users’ real-life behaviours to guide your marketing actions – and leave with actionable tips to start implementing right away.

Building Better Connections with Account-Based Marketing and Inbound Marketing

Account Based Marketing and inbound marketing are two different approaches. Still, both contribute to a strong overall marketing strategy. While inbound is all about laying the foundation to attract prospects, ABM builds on that foundation. It helps companies to develop deeper relationships with targeted accounts. Check out this article to learn how both tactics can work together to benefit your business.

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How to Use Categorical Keyword Research to Plan Your Content Strategy

Search engines’ algorithms are becoming more and more sophisticated. For instance, they are now prioritizing content based on things such as intent, website authority and what is going to most sufficiently satisfy a searcher’s needs. By implementing a categorical approach to keyword research, you’ll be better equipped to run successful SEO campaigns that fit these demands. Check out this article for the complete know-how!

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Cross-Channel Marketing: Why You Shouldn’t Put All Your Eggs in the Google Basket

Very few SMBs use multiple channels for their online advertising. Most of them usually stick to the “big guns” when it comes to allocating ad spend. But, they might be missing out. Check out this analysis by the Cambridge team and Adzooma. After that, you’ll find a more in-depth look into the opportunities of being seen across multiple touchpoints (or at least trying out many channels).

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