Weekly Roundup #29

Ogno Weekly Roundup 29

Well… another week has passed and we are pleased to welcome you to our weekly roundup #29! Here we share the latest and most interesting happenings of the past week regarding all things related to digital marketing and the online sphere. If you would like to receive these roundups automatically, subscribe and we’ll send them to your inbox. Feel free to share these with your friends and family! But let’s get into the weekly roundup #29.

The Power of Data Driven Marketing [Webinar]

We have hosted our first ever webinar this week! Our brilliant experts Jesse and Darwin gave insightful explanations and actionable tips regarding all things data driven marketing. We also provided answers to specific questions from the audience. Were you busy at the time and had to skip it? Don’t worry, we recorded it for you to watch it at a more convenient time. Looking forward to seeing you join the next webinar!

Diversify Your Strategy with Channel Marketing

Channel marketing is not the same as promoting your products and services through marketing channels. It can drive short-term wins and long-term growth. Channel marketing is the use of third-party partners to promote and sell your products. Developing a channel marketing strategy can be challenging. But you can overcome the obstacles and reap the benefits by choosing the right partners.

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The End of Third Party Cookies

The advertising industry will have to live in a cookie-less world by 2022: That’s the time frame by when Chrome and Chromium-based browsers will stop supporting cookies. Brands have been able to use cookies to track website visitors and to improve user experience for a while now. However, consumers have grown more and more wary and distrustful of these third party cookies. Marketers will need to find a different way of collecting insightful data.

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Reddit Talk is Announced – Clubhouse Competitor

Similar to voice discussion platform Clubhouse, Reddit has now announced that it will release a Reddit Talk app on iOS and Android in the near future. Facebook and Reddit have both swooped in on Clubhouse’s market niche. This endangers the platform to be the next Myspace of the digital sphere. Once Reddit Talk gets past its testing period, any moderator of a subreddit can host a talk while other non-moderators get to listen.

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What Else Happened:

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