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Since last week was a holiday, this week’s roundup is going to be extra juicy – so sit back and enjoy some interesting & valuable reading material we chose specially for you!

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5 SEO myths debunked


There’s tons of advice & information on SEO out there – but how to tell the truly helpful ones from misconceptions and myths? This article explores some of the 5 most common SEO myths and (finally) puts them to rest once and for all! Definitely a must-read for those who are often unsure of what information online is trustworthy and what is not.

Let’s talk about structured data (aka schema markup)


Structured data plays an important role in helping search engines to  provide the right answers to users’ queries i.e. serving your content as it relates to a question posed through a search engine. This post breaks down the somewhat daunting topic of structured data to help you understand why it’s so important for your content and how it helps your website speak to robots as well as it speaks to humans.  Read till the end for important updates from Google and Schema.org that were fast-tracked in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Should insurance companies invest in SEO?


Well, yes, everyone should. For specific services – like insurance – SEO is the thing to set a company apart and capture the leads attention. Stepan saw the importance of this first hand when looking for an insurance provider after arriving in Berlin. SEO makes your website more engaging, making it so people not only find your website, but spend more time on your pages. Click the link above for the ROI break down. 

Consumer Behaviour is Changing – How to adjust


What better way to adjust your brand’s positioning than to stay up to date with changes in consumer behaviour? This post provides insight on changes observed over the past 3 months – such as longer customer journeys, increase in online shopping & new consumer priorities – and offers valuable advice on how to successfully align your marketing strategy in order to satisfy your target audience’s needs. 

Marketing in Times of Uncertainty – Whiteboard Friday


It’s quickly becoming clear that brands who adapt to the times are going to come out on top. While purchasing cycles are not the same as before, we are building affinity with brands as they show their true colours. This white board session from MOZ outlines the three ways that businesses need to change their tone and attitude. Focus on ROI-positive marketing tactics like SEO, invest now for the future (folks who invest in marketing, in sales during a recession tend to outperform and more quickly outperform their competition as markets resume) and since people are paying attention to web marketing like never before,  learn to read the room.

SEO will be a primary focus for marketers during the downturn, says survey


As the situation continues forward, the world is actively collecting data to predict where we’re headed and how we might get there. A new survey outlines the importance of maintaining your SEO efforts through the coming downturn. This comes as no surprise as organic search was seen by 66% as these marketers’ top performing channel last year, followed by paid search (50%) and email (50%). SEO and raise the ROI threshold for marketing decisions. This comes as no surprise as organic search was seen by 66% as these marketers’ top performing channel last year, followed by paid search (50%) and email (50%).

Jägermeister’s Virtual Charity Brunch Will Offer Cold Brew Cocktail Lessons


Brands that show how they are adding value to the lives of people and employees will leave a lasting impression on consumers. A great example of this is Jägermeister’s Virtual Charity Brunch in which the brand forges an experience & connection with its consumers while raising funds to support various charities. 10/10 initiative – and great inspirational read!

10 Sentiment Analysis Tools to Measure Brand Health


Brand health, which started as a quirky definition, has become an important indicator of success for most companies. It refers to a collection of metrics which represent brand awareness, brand reputation, and brand’s share of voice. Now might be a good time to check in on how yours is doing. These tools are a good place to start. 

Challenges of remote work during COVID-19: Talking with nomad marketer Jason Barnard


Remote working for many people is difficult. Check out this post for a couple tricks on how to get the best out of your #wfh routine! Some valuable tips include taking 10-minute breaks every two hours, getting a designated work space and getting dressed (out of pajamas) everyday. Read till the end for additional tips for getting the most out of your online meetings.

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