Weekly Roundup #31

Ogno Weekly Roundup 31

Another week comes to an end and here we are providing you with our weekly roundup #31. We will address all of the most recent and important news that happened in the past week. If you would like to have this roundup delivered directly to your inbox, subscribe below and we’ll get that set up for you. Now that we have addressed these points, let’s get right to the good parts and into weekly roundup #31.

iOS and Its Updates: A Cause for Uncertainty?

Before the iOS 14 update, iOS was requiring apps to display a prompt asking for users to opt out of being tracked outside of the use of the app. Because of the new update, the tables have turned and the user is being asked to consciously make a decision to opt into it in the first place. Well how does that affect you, you might ask? Platforms such as Facebook rely heavily on data and we have addressed the issue and some circumventions in our most recent article.

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How Influencer Marketing Will Affect Retail

2020 was a rough year for retailers. The pandemic has made their brick and mortar stores obsolete and accelerated the shift into the online world. This results in the challenge of displaying a physical store’s visual appeal to its online correspondent. To combat this, marketers of retail stores have shifted their focus to the visual appeal of social media platforms. This results in increased budgets allocated for influencer marketing.

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Twitter Announces Way to Make Money Called Tip Jar

Social media platform Twitter is planning to implement tip jars. Its purpose is to allow content creators or publishers to generate revenue off of the platform. Twitter said it will not make any money themselves off of these tips. The tips are simply a gesture of appreciation between a fan and the content creator. For the time being, only users who use Twitter in the English language will be eligible to receive tips from their followers.

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Phrase Match Is Now the Same across Microsoft Advertising and Google Ads

Starting this month, phrase matches will be expanded to include broad match modifier traffic, Microsoft announced. This seems familiar as Google also made this announcement in the beginning of this year. Microsoft is in the process of smoothening the adoption of their advertising platform. So the goal is to simplify its use as much as possible for Google Ads users. This change will allow marketers to save time in the management of their passwords.

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