Weekly Roundup #35

Ogno Weekly Roundup 35

Hi and welcome back to our weekly roundup. This time we bring you weekly roundup #35! We’re so happy to have you with us and will show you the highlights of all things digital marketing of the past week. Feel free to share this roundup with your friends or colleagues.

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How to Determine Your Ideal Marketing Channels

Ever wondered which marketing channel works best for a specific industry and what things to consider when choosing for said marketing channel? Well, you’re in luck cause we have published an article on that very topic this week. Find out what limitations need to be considered when evaluating marketing channels and which one fits best for your business.

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Twitter Launches Its First-Ever Premium Features

Twitter Blue. That’s the name of the new premium feature of social media giant Twitter. It has been launched in Australia and Canada so far and costs $3.49 CAD (or $4.49 AUD respectively). What does it allow you to do? You now have up to 30 seconds after you published a tweet to “undo” the tweet. Other additional features include bookmarks and a reader mode, as well as colorful themes.

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How Plagiarized Content Affects Your SEO

We all know that stealing is bad. Most people were taught this back when they were kids. People quickly forget that this also applies to online content. When you plagiarize content, Google can detect this and ultimately penalize your website for it. Its crawlers will have difficulty indexing your content if it is duplicated. This can then result in being placed lower in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

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Location-Based Ads despite Apple’s Privacy Update

Since the end of lockdown measures in parts of the world, people have started going back outside. This once again increases the interest in location based mobile marketing. You might have heard of Apple’s iOS 14 update. The tech giant last month updated the software that runs the iPhone to ask customers for permission to share a device identifier used for online tracking with apps and websites. Find out how marketers intend to tackle this.

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