Weekly Roundup #38

Ogno Weekly Roundup 38

Another week ends and we present you another one of our digital marketing weekly roundups. This time it’s weekly roundup #38! Here we share the latest news, trends and happenings regarding digital marketing.

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4 Lessons to Learn from Powerful Branding Strategies

Have you ever thought about why some companies fare so much better than others all while selling more or less the same product? The answer: branding. In our most recent article we address the importance of having a great branding strategy and how far it can take a business. We also provide some concrete examples of how other businesses have implemented branding strategies successfully.

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How Performance Creative Can Boost Your Digital Marketing ROI in 2021

Performance creative has a key role to play in enhancing return on investment (ROI) and is key for achieving successful digital marketing strategies and delivering business growth.

Essentially the meeting point between creative and KPI-driven campaigns, performance creative ensures digital assets are fit for purpose to support campaign delivery. Think of it as a bridge between KPI driven and creativity driven.

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Google Confirms Page Experience Core Algorithm Update Has Begun Rolling Out

The company keeps saying that most users should not see drastic shifts in their organic traffic as a result of this change. The reason for that is that the rollout will be gradual instead of all at once: it will start now and will go on until August. According to Google’s Martin Splitt, there’s no reason to panic because the ranking boost provided by the Page Experience update is something Google refers to as a tiebreaker.

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How to Set the Budget for Your Facebook Ad

Facebook’s ad platform offers plenty of insights into ways for a business to reach their target audience in the most efficient possible way. Conversion actions, customizations regarding the copy and where your ads will be placed are very prominent. However, effective budgeting for Facebook Ads is not always clear. Using Campaign Budget Optimization, Lifetime or daily budget, as well as their pros and cons can make an impact on your campaign.

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