Weekly Roundup #4

With another week of social distancing behind us, marketers and google alike continue to adapt to the resulting changes in behaviour. It’s not all bad though, we’re seeing lots of creativity and agility in the marketing space and this is certainly not the end of it. 

Read on for this week’s hot tips and fun clicks from the digital marketing world and beyond. 

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Google has some tips on how to cope with change in consumer behaviour


Google has released data on changes in search trends – and tips for how brands can best adapt and navigate the crisis. In this article we go over each of their findings while providing expert insights & advice on how to best apply them to your business.

How to use Youtube to grow your blog traffic


Ever thought about using Youtube as an extra source of traffic for your business blog? In this article you can learn the know-how behind setting up an Youtube channel & optimizing your content/keeping up with your progress in order to get the best results possible! 

Google provides new options to help you during COVID-19: Google News Update


Google has been implementing new services & options to help users cope with the covid-19 crisis for over a month – and this past week was no different. It has just been announced that merchants will be allowed to sell for free on Google, a free relief for New partners, the availability of the Cloud Healthcare API, new schema for government benefits – and more. 

7 Brands experimenting with new Social Media marketing approaches During COVID-19


This post talks about 7 real-life examples of brands who (quite successfully) adapted their marketing strategy to the new online environment. From taking on the role of spreading important information, supporting those in need, to creating a whole commercial purely out of Zoom footage – in case you’re looking for inspiration check this one out!

Other things to click on:

  • Google created a two-week series of Doodles as a way to thank essential workers who provide services that keep our society moving forward.


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