Weekly Roundup #40

Ogno Weekly Roundup 40

Another week, another fresh new roundup. This time we have weekly roundup #40. Here we share the best clicks, guides and news in the world of digital marketing so that you can stay up to date.

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How to Figure Out the Best Pricing Strategy for Your Business

How much should you set the price for your product service? The age-old dilemma of setting the price too low and missing out on profits versus setting the price too high and risking losing out on sales entirely is still as relevant as ever. In this post, we explored the key factors you need to consider before pricing your product. We have also revealed the 5 most used pricing strategies and the types of businesses they are most suitable for.

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Spotify’s Greenroom Undergoes Attempt of Becoming a Social Audio Platform

Spotify finally got the memo. The company’s live audio app, Greenroom, marks their first real attempt at creating a social media platform. Social Audio has become the buzz term throughout the past 2 years, ever since the rise of Clubhouse during the initial phases of the pandemic. Will Greenroom have a seat at the table of social audio platforms?

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Twitter May Soon Launch Facebook-Like Emoji Reactions for Tweets

They say actions speak louder than words. Well in this case, emojis speak louder than words. Twitter is working on emoji reactions to tweets, similar to those that are available on Facebook. The initial emojis will include reactions like Likes, Sad, Haha, Hmm and Cheer.

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Microsoft Advertising Incorporates Multimedia Ads

The ad format allows you to combine your own images, headlines and ad copy with machine learning to display the best-fit ad for the searcher and query. Multimedia Ads give search marketers the opportunity to be an exclusive ad type in a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and the added visual element will draw more eyes to an ad. The beta program is now rolling out globally.

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