Weekly Roundup #42

Ogno Weekly Roundup 42

It’s time for another one of our weekly roundups. This time we have weekly roundup #42 for you. Here we share the best clicks, guides and news in the world of digital marketing so that you can stay up to date.

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Drive Business Growth through Marketing Partnerships

Partnership marketing is a tried-and-trusted way to increase brand awareness, boost customer retention, and generate sales. According to a 2019 study by Forrester, 77% of business decision-makers see partnership development as central to their sales and marketing strategy. With the growth of MarTech and digital channels, there are more opportunities than ever for marketing partnerships.

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The Rise of Google Shopping in Search Marketing

The pandemic has accelerated the already ongoing trend to shop online by quite a bit. First time online shoppers are experiencing the perks of doing so. But how have top retailers leveraged this trend by using Google Shopping in search marketing to grow their online presence and ultimately increase sales?

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3 Online Data Collection Tips to Improve Your Decision Making

Predicting trends and anticipating shifts in the market are more important than ever in these dynamic times of lockdowns and changing consumer behavior. Data is the secret ingredient which enables business leaders to do this with accuracy. Being able to transform data into actionable insights can be essential to navigate in uncertain times.

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10 Ways to Optimize Content for Google Discover

Building traffic upon your Google Discover strategy is a different venture to your regular SEO strategy. Google Discover is based on a user’s interest, search history and activity in other apps. Native to Android devices, it is currently only available on mobile devices or accessible via the Chrome or Google apps on iOS. But the lack of publicly available information regarding ranking factors for Google Discover makes it seem elusive. This article will help lift some of the mystique.

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