Weekly Roundup #46

Ogno Weekly Roundup 46

Another week flew by and we are now almost in September. And here we are back with another one of our amazing digital marketing weekly roundups! This time we have weekly roundup #46. Here we share the most recent and most interesting clicks & news so that you are always up to date with what’s happening in the digital marketing sphere.

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How to Optimize Content for Google Discover

SEO and paid search are the two most well-known ways to drive traffic to your website from Google. But there is another way. Google Discover. While some savvy marketers use it to drive a ton of traffic, it’s been overlooked by many companies. In this article, you’ll learn what Google Discover is, why you should care, and how you can use it to get more potential customers on your website.

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Everyday Social Media Influencers Grow in Popularity

The normal everyday social media influencer has become the preferred means of following influencers for two in five consumers. Be it friends, family, peers, or wider networks, those that share day-to-day content, products, and places that they find a genuine interest in, without an agenda to promote, are now the most trusted source for authentic and genuine content.

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Title Changes in Google Search

During the week, Google made a small change that impacted some of the clickable titles in the search result snippets. The search engine used to not show the title tag in your page’s meta data as the clickable link in the SERP. But something changed last week with how and when Google shows the title tag versus headers or other content from the page or links.

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Majority of Consumers Feel Positive Towards Personalized Advertising

What we have already suspected has now been confirmed. A majority of consumers in both the UK (61%) and US (54%) said they had positive feelings towards hyper-personalised online advertising. This indicates that consumers are generally open to share their data as long as they see a tangible benefit for them in return.

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