Weekly Roundup #47

Ogno Weekly Roundup 47

Hey there! Another week has ended and you know what that means! Another marketing weekly roundup prepared especially for you 😉 As always, in our marketing weekly roundup you’ll find some of the week’s best clicks and articles about the world of digital marketing. So – let’s get into it!

Expanded Text Ads vs. Responsive Search Ads: What Should Be Your Business’ Go-To?

Each time we hear that Google has announced yet another change to its algorithm, it sends ripples through the marketing world. In the latest change, Google ads replaced expanded text ads with responsive search. Wondering how to navigate this change? Check out this guide, where we’ll dig deep into the pros and cons of each!

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The Future of Local Marketing: Promote Your Business and Convert Customers for Life

In this live webinar, learn how messaging has evolved over the last decade, and how customer preferences impact local businesses. Register for the webinar “The next step in local marketing: increase customer engagement, create trust and convert customers for life” and hear all about it!

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How to Write Ad Copy That Actually Converts (And 3 Major Mistakes to Avoid)

When it comes to converting searchers into customers, perhaps unsurprisingly, copy plays an imperative role. That being so, make sure to check out this article to learn how to stay clear of common mistakes when it comes to ad copy writing.

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A Guide to Star Ratings on Google and How They Work

Ever wondered how star ratings actually work on Google, how they appear in organic results or what their impact is on local rankings? Look no further – this article is for you!

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