Weekly Roundup #7

Ogno Weekly Roundup 7

Cheers for tuning in to our weekly roundup #7. We’re pleased to share an overview of some of our favourite links from the past week to help keep you on top of the latest trends & news in the digital marketing world.

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Brand Logos: The Good, The Bad, and The Most Questionable Designs

Your brand’s logo should be a visually memorable, versatile & consistent taste of what your business is all about. However, companies often fail at the task of designing a great logo. Check out this article for a couple of success (and failure) stories to learn from!

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The Voice Search Trend and SEO

Voice search is a hot topic right now and will be a key factor for successful brands in the future. Wanna know how your business can capitalize on it? In this article we provide you with the know-how on optimizing a site for traditional desktop searches as well as voice queries.

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How to Counteract Dips in Productivity as Workflow Disruptions Become the New Norm

Have you been feeling less productive lately? You’re not alone. 62% of companies have seen decreases in productivity since work from home policies have been installed. In this article you’ll find valuable insights on how to take actionable measures for getting your business back on track.

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Google’s John Mueller: “Ranking Isn’t Always the Goal”

According to Google webmaster John Mueller, website owners should always place valuable content for their audience before ranking well in Google. In his own words “Ranking isn’t always the goal”. Check out this post for the full response.

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Link Building for SEO: How to Do It Right

There is no denying that high-quality links are key for building your website’s authority. Click on this guide to learn about tips and tricks that are still effective to help you achieve that top ranking and domain authority. Whether you are an SEO pro or a total beginner, SEMrush’s guide provides you with the complete information on link building.

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