Weekly Roundup #8

Ogno Weekly Roundup 8

Welcome back to Ogno’s weekly roundup #8. We have some great links for you to click, so read on to see what’s been happening over the past week!

Get Your Free Research Template to Make Sure You’re Targeting the Right Keywords


Good keywords are the foundation of a lot of what we do in SEO and marketing. That’s why we put together a free keyword research template. You can access it at the link, feel free to reach out if you want advice we’re here to help: info@ogno.io

Soapbox: As Customers Are Forced to Cheat On Their Favorite Brands, Will They Come Back?

Supply chains have been disrupted, forcing loyal customers to buy from different brands that weren’t go-to’s prior to the pandemic. For example, at the beginning of 2020, searching for coffee by brand made up 85% of coffee-related searches. However, during March and April, this has dipped as low as 61%, signaling a 24% decline in brand loyalty (but also an SEO opportunity to capture new brand champions). What will be key in bringing those customers back to brand-love living when things normalize? The answer lies in understanding the deeper connections customers have with the brands they love.

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5 Steps to Setting Up an SEO Strategy for Niche Markets

Being online is a must for any niche market, and as we know, SEO is an essential element of being online. Though it can take some time for SEO to produce results, optimizing properly can completely transform your business. This article details things to consider when building your strategy, in short: do your research, make sure your on-page SEO as well as technical SEO are in tip-top shape and that you’re writing the best type of content for your niche. A website can be seen anywhere in the world, which is great for a niche business with a small customer base.

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Google Penalties Research: Detecting and Dealing with Unnatural Inbound Links

A penalty from the Google Spam Team is a manual restrictive measure for violating Google’s Webmaster guidelines; it results in a websites’ organic visibility tanking rapidly. It’s no joke! This study details in depth what Google Penalties are, why they happen and how to avoid them.

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