Weekly Roundup #9

digital marketing roundup

Welcome back to our weekly round up. We have some great links for you to click as you get ready for the weekend, so read on to see what happened in our world last week!

Why Marketing Flywheels Work

A “Marketing Flywheel” is a continuously improving set of repeatable, tactical investments that are easy to scale and decrease in friction as they do. There are many different applications of the flywheel that work differently for every industry, but the bottom line is that they work! SEO and Content marketing for example work together on the flywheel to help propel growth while requiring less and less effort each time as authority and content power grows.

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Social Media Optimization Tips to Help Your Website Rank

Social media provides a lot of upsides to brand and business development. It helps fill the gaps while your website works its way through Google’s rank and builds brand awareness that helps your potential customers know what to look for in search engines. Not to mention it’s a creative sandbox to let your design team really express themselves and build a vision for the brand.

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New Google My Business features aim to help SMBs pivot and survive COVID-19

It’s no secret that small businesses have been hit particularly hard these past few months. The good news? Many people and companies are keen to help. In fact, Google reported searches for “how to help small businesses” spiked in March, increasing more than 700% since February. That’s why they’re focussing efforts on helping lift small businesses using google my business features. See if there’s something you’re missing.

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What Does ‘SEO Ranking’ Mean For Your Website

Ranking is a word we use a lot in the world of search engine optimization, but do you know why? It’s because ranking is a placement won based on how you perform against the ranking signals in comparison to your competitors. There are over 200 ranking signals, so you can’t expect any one page to hit them all. It’s all about how rank in comparison with the competition.

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How Universal Search Works

Universal search makes your site and/or content accessible across multiple databases through a single search box. Simply put, it helps search engines do their favorite thing: getting to the info you want more quickly! It isn’t new, but its optimizations are frequently overlooked. These optimizations come with potentially huge opportunities, this article covers a few of the many things to keep in mind. Also important to note is that devices and technology are changing rapidly, so keep an eye out for another universal search transformation. 

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