YouTube Ads Explained

Ogno YouTube Ads Explained

If you have not used YouTube ads in the past, this article will help you understand the  important Do’s and Don’ts to consider when integrating the channel into your marketing mix. The task of creating YouTube ads can seem daunting at first, but rest assured: Ogno knows how to help.

What Are YouTube Ads? YouTube Ads Explained

YouTube ads are a way of promoting video content and the campaigns are set up and carried out using the Google Ads platform.

There are 6 types of YouTube Ads:

  1. TrueView Ads
  2. Non-Skippable Instream Ads
  3. Bumper Instream Ads
  4. Sponsored Card Ads
  5. Overlay Ads
  6. Display Ads

The most popular ad formats are TrueView ads. For Standard TrueView Ads, advertisers are only charged when a user watches at least 30 seconds of the video ad, or if the video is less than 30 seconds, they have to watch the whole thing. In addition, you are charged for a view if the viewer engages with your ad by clicking on a link, for example.

YouTube TrueView in-stream ads

Another form of TrueView ads is TrueView Discovery, where the ads appear in the search results after the user has typed in their desired query.

Since the advertiser does not need to pay until 30 seconds into the user watching the ad, TrueView is considered the best and most effective strategy to advertise on YouTube. The advertiser only pays for views of users that are actually interested in the ad, as a user who watched the ad for more than 30 seconds is very likely actually interested in what is being offered.

Other forms of advertising on YouTube, such as Non-skippable instream ads are increasingly unpopular, as users feel that they are no longer in control of what they are viewing and are being forced to watch content that is not relevant to them.

How to Use YouTube Ads in Your Marketing Strategy?

Keep Your Ads under 3 Minutes Long

It’s important to consider that YouTube is an entertainment platform. People use it to mostly view specific content and are aware that they most likely will need to view an ad beforehand. According to a study, the sweet spot (with the highest View-Through-Rate) is for YouTube ads to be around 30 seconds long. Try to keep your ad concise while also being informative and most importantly entertaining and memorable.

Engage Your Audience

Even more important than the length of your video is how you are able to engage your audience. Like we mentioned previously, YouTube users are on the platform for informative and entertainment purposes. How will your business add value and not waste their valuable time? Firstly, you can captivate your target audience by using upbeat, fast paced music as well as humor in the background. Obviously this depends on your particular ad, but try to use characters or scenes they are likely to identify themselves with. Address their pain points within the first seconds of the ad and make sure to provide a solution to this pain point so that the visitor continues to watch your ad.

Showcase Your Brand

If you target an audience that is not yet familiar with your brand, it’s more important than ever to showcase what your brand can do and its benefits. In the case of your business offering physical products, that means displaying them in action during the ad. On the other side, if you’re selling a software solution, showcase a short demo or its interface in the ad in order for the viewer to get an insight into its functionality.

Optimize for Mobile

An often underestimated aspect of YouTube ads is the need to optimize your ads for mobile. Since more than half of views on YouTube are from mobile devices, it’s important to preview your ads on a vertical screen before launching.

To Sum Up

At first glance, YouTube Ads can seem daunting, but its diverse advertising formats provide marketers with a powerful suite of tools to reach their target market. Conducting the help of a team of experts with years of experience can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your  YouTube Ads campaign.

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